Residential Steel Building

The consideration for building a full steel structure for a house may have appeared to be a crazy couple of decades back. Presently, it is considered as a smart move. In the age of Silicon Valleys and Electric Cities, people tend to switch to mediums, which are modern and affordable. Because the steel industry grew during the industrial revolution, its demand and supply increased enormously. From, during and after WW2, the supply of metals, especially steel, has spread across the globe, and it is being used both commercially and residentially.

Commercially, business tycoons build their factories and workplaces using metals as much as possible. All the factories that produce metallic goods and modern machines utilize metals and their ores as raw material. Residentially, people build their houses and barns with steel nowadays. There are many reasons behind such widespread use of steel, amongst which cost effectiveness and durability rate highly.

Firstly, because of the large amount of production of steel annually, its cost has reduced. Therefore, people often switch for steel rather than timber. Secondly, the life of steel is much longer than wood. Humidity and temperatures affect woodwork, but galvanized metals do not get affected by the surrounding temperatures and pressures so readily. That is why they are considered more durable than any other medium.

The cost of building a house is calculated by per square foot. That means that the cost of material and labor being used on the whole construction site is divided by the surface area of the plot. For example, if you have a large plot of 50 x 100 feet and the total cost of material and labor you used on the site is $15000, then, the price per square foot will be (50x100)/1500; $1 per square foot. Now this calculation is based on an assumption, and the real costs are much higher.

The cost of the construction of a wooden residential building is a minimum of $95 and rises to a maximum of $120 per square foot. As compared to these prices, the cost of building a residential steel building can be around $20-$40 per square foot. This is a sum of many different sub costs that accumulate to produce the final price. The sub costs contain materials, their delivery, the foundation laid on the ground, and assembly.

The first thing you have to do before estimating the cost is making sure you know what type of building you are going to build. If it is a commercial building, a barn or workshop for example, then the shape of the building should be pre-planned. Whether you go for a truss roof, a Quonset hut or a simple cuboid structure, you should keep in mind that the shape determines the amount of material the whole project will need. In short, the shape determines the size and the size helps you estimate the cost beforehand, eliminating the chance of any surprise.

The concrete floor is essential for a firm ground, and this service costs around $5 to $10 per square foot. Adding further insulation to the building costs an additional $3 per square foot. Windows, doors, and other designing elements will require an extra 25% of the total cost.