Rigid Frame Steel Building

Straight walls of a steel building are supported by either steel posts and rafters or a rigid frame. A rigid frame steel building will consist of straight columns, which will be very spacious for businesses, which require ample area for set up and running. Offices and retail stores mainly use rigid frame steel buildings because they need space to set up booths and cabins, and store merchandize relatively. Similarly, column-free rigid frame, also known as ‘clear span system’, provides a strong structure and a very large court area. The architecture of rigid frame steel buildings is done so as to use no pillars or posts at all, meanwhile providing the same strength and sturdiness to the building as any other style.

The term ‘Clear Span’ is widely used in architecture and it is a great option for organization looking for ‘clear’ space. This term literally describes the distance between the two adjacent walls of the building, which are supported. The distance in between is unsupported therefore, ‘clear’ span. These types of buildings are the most spacious and airy.

If you are looking for a strong building without posts, a rigid frame steel building is your ideal choice. Unlike pole buildings, your space would not be taken over by poles, which cannot be used unless you want to hang something on them. Not only do structural beams take up space, they become an obstacle when dividing the space into cabins, which is the first thing that is done in an office.

In a business where heavy vehicles, such as trucks and forklifts are used, the offices need garages and carports without poles and masts. The parking of such large vehicles require a lot of space, therefore, clear span building will be the ideal choice. Sports complexes also need clear but enclosed space for race tracks and football or basketball courts, therefore, their shape can be considered a perfect example of clear span buildings. Playing fields and indoor motocross tracks also utilize the architectural wonder of rigid frame buildings.

Clear span buildings are most commonly single story. A typical 10m clear span single story building is known as a ‘portal framed building’. These types of structures and buildings can be seen live in large warehouses and their owner factories, aircraft hangars and gymnasiums.

A straight wall column can provide a clear span of up to 70 feet. Similarly, beam structures may also provide a space that wide. However, in these types of rigid frame buildings, the calculated structure cannot exceed the 70 feet space and people will have to adjust to that very space. If you wish to get a clear span building with space more than 70 feet, then you will have to opt for a prefabricated steel building and put up with the posts. These pre-engineered steel buildings can provide up to 150 feet of space.

Many online companies are offering the installation of rigid frame steel buildings and some are selling complete kits. These kits will provide you with the necessary material to build the building and a guide, which will help you, assemble it on your own. A 50x100 Metal Building Kit costs around $29,000.