Post and Rafter Steel Building

Post and rafter steel buildings are commonly known as truss roof steel buildings. Many people opt for Quonset huts for residential purposes; however, some people seek and prefer straight walled houses. This is because the shape is more traditional looking and appears exquisite in mountainous areas. For them, the post and rafter steel buildings are an ideal choice. They have a cuboid structure with straight, erected walls and pitched roofs. The shape is like a 3D triangle on the top of a 3D rectangle, but hollow. The roof is defined by two equal and slanted panels meeting with each other at the highest point.

The ‘roof pitch’ is actually the ratio of the horizontal and vertical size of the slanted panels. The standard roof pitch is 4:12, which means that for every 4 inches the roof rises vertically, its width increases by 12 inches. It can be seen as the gradient of line on an x-y Cartesian plane. Some people prefer lower ratio while others prefer a high pitched roof.

There are pros and cons to both high and low pitched truss roofs and people should educate themselves about this before making a deal with the supplier of the material. For steel post and rafter buildings, a high pitched roof is more favorable as they blend right in with surrounding high rise buildings. They also provide more space as the roof is higher. You can even create an attic under the roof or simply create a mini room under the roof for even more living space. A higher pitched roof also reduces the trapped heat inside the house by dispersing it, providing you with some immunity from the outside heat.

Similarly, for people who go for low pitched roofs in their post and rafters steel buildings benefit as well. This ratio is amazing for proprietors who do not want to spend a lot of money on the roof. There would not be any need of painting the roof as no one would be able to see it. Moreover, if you want to stay low key among your neighborhood, it is a good idea to get a low pitched truss roof, because it makes your building less visible among other high roof buildings. Other than that, a less steep roof will lower the interior cubic footage, and will make it cheaper for you to adjust the temperature inside your building.

The costs of post and rafter steel buildings vary with the size of the building. It takes approximately $20,000-$40,000 to build a truss roof steel building. This cost sums up the prices of materials, the concrete floor and the assembly of all these things. Concrete foundation alone costs around $5-$10 per SF. People do, and should, add insulation to the steel structure. This will cost an additional $3 per SF. Fancy doors and windows, coupled with other styling accessories will make up an extra 25% of the total cost of the building. It is better to do the assembly yourself and save the cost of hiring people to do it. However, if you do hire labor for this job, you can expect to pay around $5,000-$10,000 more.