Arch Steel Building

Arch shaped buildings are mainly called ‘Quonset’ huts. They have been around for centuries now. Not only in rural areas, but also in many commercial and industrial areas, Quonset huts can be seen throughout. The main reason is that these huts provide a great degree of protection to the things stored inside. If you are using a Quonset hut for residential purposes, then you can feel safe from all the outside weather.

They are designed like the shape of a semi-circle and this simple shape provides ample space that is always ready to be utilized. Because they are compact and do not need extensive assembling, they are easy to construct as well. This saves a lot of labor cost and saves time as well. Because of the shape of the Quonset hut, the structure is wind resistant. The wind does not pressurize the ‘walls’ of the hut and simply slides over and onwards. Moreover, the shape also eliminates the accumulation of snow and precipitation over the roof. Simply put, the Quonset huts are shaped to resist extreme hot and cold weather.

Because of so many functions that a Quonset hut has to offer, the pressure on the manufacturers is real to get the design right. Instead of timber, these crescent shaped barns are created with steel and they work best under these circumstances. Many online sites are set up by the steel building companies to help you select the best package for your project. You can get a free quote and prepare a budget according to that price. You can also ask for prices from many different suppliers and service providers and then compare the prices. After that, only go with the costs, which best suit, your budget. Many manufacturers provide extra over the top services, like free insulation or footing, which can really help you out if you are on a tight budget.

You can utilize your Quonset hut for a small storage unit or a fully-fledged workshop. It all depends on the size of your building. If you are a garden enthusiast, your equipment, such as lawn mowers, pruners or weed whackers can be kept safely in your Quonset hut personal storage area, away from the harsh weather. In short, you can customize your arch steel hut to fit your requirements.

Quonset huts today are not just used as storage units or garages anymore. Many people have brought back the WW2 era and have started converting their large arch steel buildings into fully furnished homes. These Quonset huts can be very useful if built near a lake side or other softer grounds, where deep drilling is not possible or practical.

The easiest way to get an arch steel building constructed on your land is to buy a prefabricated steel building kit. This is a simple and time saving way to build a Quonset hut. You can build it by yourself and save the labor cost. A complete 40' x 80' arch steel storage building will cost you $3.200 per square foot, adding up to a value of $23,000.