40' X 60' Steel Building

Barns and garages have been around for so many decades now and they are surely here to stay. In the olden days, they were constructed with wooden poles and rafters, which were joined to create frames for building these barns and storage areas. After the industrial revolution the demand and supply of steel has increased to a much larger extent. This can be seen in the construction industry as well. The garages and storage units, which were primarily created with timber, even for commercial use, are now made with steel and other strong metallic alloys.

When it comes to the structure of a steel building, the main thing that matters is the size of the building. Many people custom design their steel buildings and many people stick to standard size. An ideal size for a medium sized building is 40’ by 60’ or 2,400 square feet. This size is the best choice for a factory warehouse. It can also be used as a large showroom, a shop or it can simply be utilized as a barn in rural areas. Farmers performing commercial agriculture need large spaces and a 40x60 feet steel barn will be an appropriate choice.

The costs of these 40x60 buildings vary from area to area. The location and climatic conditions of the area in which you will be erecting the building will tell you what type of material and sheathing will be required to secure the project. For determining the price, first clear your mind about the purpose of the steel building. Is it either going be used as a commercial building or will you reside in it? This is the point, which will help you make all your future decisions about the 24,000 sq. feet building. Moreover, the accessories, such as fancy doors and windows will cost you more as compared to the simple ones.

A 40x60 steel building can be either straight wall or Quonset, depending on your need and desire. Estimating and comparing both the styles will be a smart move. Both the styles are available in prefabricated building kits and are a piece of cake when it comes to assembling. All you will have to do is read the guide and follow the simple instructions.

Firstly, the cost of material should be taken into account. For a 40x60 straight wall steel building, the cost per square foot will be around $10. The total cost will be around $24000, give or take. Adding other charges, such as delivery may increase the cost up to 8% more. Then, the doors and windows alone will add 20% more to the cost. As compared to Quonset steel buildings, the prices are different. The cost per sq. ft. will be around $8. An additional 8% delivery and 20% accessories will remain the same as the straight wall steel building. You can see the difference between the price of the material in both the styles, indicating that you opt for a Quonset steel building and save around $5,000 overall.